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Advanced Data Communications and Networks

Data communication and networks is fast becoming the largest industry in the world. It is one area of work that every virtual person has some involvement, whether it be to use the telephone or to connect to the Internet.

An IT specialist must now existing technologies, but must also know where the industry will go. This book is intended to cover the existing technologies and also be emerging technologies. I believe that the growth areas in the coming years will be in:

Dr W.Buchanan,
Napier University,


Chapman & Hall

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Windows NT networking and associated networking programs.
TCP/IP communications.
NetWare 4.

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Data Encryption.
Data Compression.
Digitization of video, audio and images.
Fast Ethernet.

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Virtually anything to do with the Internet and especially Intranets.

This book discusses each of these technologies in great detail and covers areas which are currently relevant, such as Ethernet, UNIX, RS-232 and Electronic Mail. The book splits into 7 main sections and a number of appendices, such as:

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General data compression (Chapters 2 and 3).

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Video, images and sound (Chapters 4-10).

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Error coding and encryption (Chapters 11-15).

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TCP/IP and the Internet (Chapters 16-23).

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Network operating systems (Chapters 24-27).

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LANs/WANs (28-36).

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Cables and connectors(Appendix B).

Sample chapters

Sample chapters: Chapter 3 Chapter 7 Chapter 9


Typos in 1st edition

Page 1. 2nd paragraph should read:

... are less likely to be affected by noise and thus have become ...

Page 2. 3rd bullet point should read:

... desktop computer revolution which has ...integrated all forms ..

Page 10. should read:

... in the text is an 'e' (30 occurences), followed by a 't' (22 occurences, followed by 'a' (17 occurences).

Page 19. Table entry for 't' should be 2079 occurences and not 4079:

Page 20. In the message:

Simple code: 10011 00111 01000 10010 11010 00000 01101

Page 30. 2nd paragraph from bottom should read:

... If it is then followed by two 0s then it is an 'o'.

Page 33

Page 34. 2nd paragraph replace directory for dictionary

Page 35. 2nd paragraph from the bottom should read:

This identifies that the disk ...

Page 42. 4th bullet point should read:

Data blocks with bitmapped images and the possibility ....

Page 50. Last paragraph should read:

... at entry 256 (2^8) ..

Page 55

Page 50. Section 4.6.2.

replace Sample run 4.2 for Sample run 4.7

Page 51. Last paragraph:

If the file does not use a pallete ...

Page 52. Question 4.2:

is 640x480 with 256 colors

Page 62. Section 5.2.1:

.., which converts the components into Y ...

Page 69. Figure 5.4:

replace 1010 for 1100

Page 91

Page 123. Table 8.4

label should be u-Law 255 encoding/decoding

Page 123. Table 8.4

label should be u-Law 255 encoding/decoding

Page 154. Table 10.3

... resolution in the time or frequency ...

Page 168 i

Page 168 ii

Page 176

Page 178

Page 179


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