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On-line voting
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E-Commerce Database

Xavier Marconnect [June 2000]

The very early stages of the project's design are crucial, starting a project is not the easiest part, however a good start means a solid base to work on. This section aims to illustrate the planning undertaken for the project in the 'Project Plan' document. An important element at the onset of the project was the survey conducted very early in the project life cycle. The results of the survey were to be a critical indicator of how beneficial the concept was going to be. This was the first step, as the main aim of the project is to solve a particular problem. If positive, this survey would then lead to the 'Requirements Analysis' process when both the 'User Specification' and 'Functional Specification' documents will be created.

Hard disks were at one time known as Winchester disks as they were initially available from IBM made from two spindles with 30MB on each spindle. The 30-30 became known as Winchester disks after the 30-30 rifle.

Winchester disks

The aim of the project is to build a Web Database Application. This is done by the help of the Microsoft ASP (Active Server Pages) technology, and the use of an ODBC (Open Database Connectivity) database, such as Microsoft Access installed on an on-line NT web server (Microsoft Internet Information Server). The project is called the 'e-design agency' as it is one of the pioneering Internet recruitment agencies in the field of the Design industry.


Project Requirements, Specification

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