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I've written many academic books including:

Buchanan WJ, "C for Electronic Engineering with Applied Software Engineering", Prentice-Hall International, April 1995, ISBN 0-13-342668-8.

Buchanan WJ, "Applied PC Interfacing, Interrupts and Graphics", Addison-Wesley, June 1996, ISBN 0-201-87728-7. [Review]

Buchanan WJ, "Data Communications and Computer Networks", Chapman & Hall, ISBN 0-412-75430-4.

Buchanan WJ, "Microelectronic Systems: Design, Modelling and Test", Arnold, Jan. 1997, ISBN 0-340-67771-6

Buchanan WJ, "Mastering Global Information Systems", Macmillan, Sept. 1997, ISBN 0-333-68951-8. (and Chinese edition). Translated into several languages, including Chinese (2002).

Buchanan WJ, "Mastering the Internet", Macmillan, Sept. 1997, ISBN 0-333-6926-6. (and Polish edition).

Buchanan WJ, "Advanced Data Communications and Networks", Chapman & Hall, Sept. 1997, ISBN 0-412-80630-4.

Buchanan WJ, "Software Development for Engineers (C++/ Pascal/ Assembly/ Visual Basic/ HTML/ JavaScript and Java)", Arnold, October 1997, ISBN 0-340-70014-9.

Buchanan WJ, "Advanced PC Interfacing, Communications and Windows Programming", Addison-Wesley, Apr. 1998, Nov. 1998. ISBN 0-201-87728-7. Translated into several languages, including Chinese and Japanese editions 2002.

Buchanan WJ, "Handbook of Data Communications and Networks", Kluwer, Jan. 1998, ISBN 0-412-84060-0

Buchanan WJ, "Mastering Pascal and Delphi", Macmillan, Apr. 1998. ISBN 0-333-73007-0. Top 100 Bestseller on (January 2000). No.1 Pascal book in the UK / No3. for Delphi. [Review] No. 1 Pascal in W.H.Smiths/

Buchanan WJ, "Mastering Java", Macmillan, Apr. 1998, ISBN 0-333-73008-9. [Review 1/ Review 2]

Buchanan WJ, "Software Development", John Wiley & Sons. December 1997. ISBN 0-471-85266-2.

Buchanan WJ, "CD-ROM Handbook of Data Communications & Networks", Kluwer, May 1998. ISBN- 0-412-84060. 2nd edition due out soon

Buchanan WJ, "Mastering Windows NT, Novell NetWare and UNIX", Macmillan, Apr. 1999. ISBN 0-412-84060. Top 10 Novell NetWare book in the UK.

Buchanan WJ, "Mastering Networks", Macmillan, Apr. 1999. ISBN 0-333-748042. Top 100 Bestseller on (Autumn 1999).

Buchanan WJ, "Computer Busses", November 1999, Arnold, ISBN 0-340-74076. Parts used by Yale University for their Engineering & Applied Science Library display as part of a Tercentennial celebrations

Buchanan WJ and Wilson A, "Advanced PC Architecture", Addison-Wesley Longman, Spring 2000, ISBN 0-201-39858-3.Tranlated into Chinese edition - Chinese Electric Power Press of Beijing (2003)

Buchanan WJ, "Wiedziec wieceg Internrt", Oct 1999. (Polish edition). ISBN 83-206-1283-7

Buchanan WJ, "Mastering Computing", ISBN 0333748069, Palgrave. Polish edition [Picture]

Buchanan WJ, "Mastering Delphi", Jan 2003, Macmillan.

Buchanan WJ, "Distributed Systems and Networks", McGraw-Hill, June 2000, ISBN 0-077-09583-9.Translated in Indian by Tata McGraw-Hill (2004).

Buchanan WJ, "Introduction to Security and Network Forensics", CRC Press.

The source code for the following books is also available

-Mastering Delphi Programming
-Mastering Pascal and Delphi
-Mastering Java
-Mastering C++
-C for Electronic Engineering with Applied Sofware Engineering
-Applied PC Interfacing





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