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The details on the third assessment will be given on Wednesday 17 December 2003 (11-1pm, MC.1), and Friday 19 December 2003 (10-12am, A.17). It will typically be taken in Week 13 (or earlier/later, if you prefer), and will be in the form of the following:

[Take practice test - Configuration] [EXE]

When you are ready, please click on the following link, and your instructor will add the password. You have 60 minutes to configure 25 elements:

[Take Test - Configuration]


You can use your teaching pack, and any notes that you've made in it.

You do not need to get all the configuration tasks correct, and the emulator will tell you when you have managed to configure enough parameters.

Remember that the emulator that you use will be the same as the one in the assessment, the only difference is that we will enter a password for you. It is a less formal assessment than the last two, and you can refer to your teaching pack.

The emulator will instantly tell you when you have achieved the required number of correct configuration parameters.