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The first assessment takes place in Week 6, and involves an on-line test which takes place in the time of the lab. There are 35 questions and the time for the test is 45 minutes.


Challenge 1: Network Tolopology

Challenge 2: The Last Mile?

Challenge 3: Network Modelling


Research 1: Network Tolopology

Research 2: Routes


Unit 1. Introduction [Take Test]
Unit 2. Network Fundamentals [Take Test]
Unit 3. Network Types [Take Test]
Unit 4. Network Design and Modelling [Take Test]

Questions asked

Are the research questions and challenges part of the final marks in any of the assesements?

The Units, Challenges ([1] [2] and [3]) and the lab-based material will be part of the assessment.

In unit 3 there is a question relating to memory buffering-In a 100Mbps/1Gbps switch where will memory buffering mainly be required? ... Could you clarify this for me please.

The buffer memory will be required between the 1Gbps link and the 100Mbps link, and not the other way.

How much of the class is coursework/exam? what percentage of the class assesment contribute to the overall mark? are there links to past papers?

The details are on the WWW page. There are three assessments, each with an equal weighting. You will receive a grade for each test.

There are three assessments:

Assessment 1. On-line test in your lab time. Unit 1-4. Week 6.
Assessment 2. On-line test in your lab time. Unit 6, 7. Week 10.
Assessment 3. On-line assessment in your lab time. Unit 8-10. Week 12.

The material has changed for the current session. The best place to practice is to try the following:

Unit 1 sample test.
Unit 2 sample test.
Unit 3 sample test.
Unit 4 sample test.

Hi Bill, I was just wondering about a question in the unit 3 test, it says, which cable type cannot be used for 100base(ethernet) networks? and says the answer is cat 5. is this correct as i thought it was cat 3.

I'll check the answer, but there will not be any questions relating to the use of cables in Ethernet (as this question related to material that was covered last year).

Cat-3 and Cat-5 cables are both used with 100Base Ethernet. The 100BASE-4T standard was aimed at providing Ethernet over Cat-3 cables. Most organisations now have Cat-5 cables, although I recently visited a company who still had coaxial cable for their Ethernet network.

Relating to Week 4 Lab Activity 4.5 Estimate average data throughput for the network. How is this calculated? After doing first two activities running netperf, the data throughput I received was 363.68Mbps and 349.73Mbps respectively.

Add them together, and divide by 2.

Are we able to use the Emulators within JKCC, as I have not been able to get the Emulators to work within JKCC? Thanks.

The emulators use Flash 6, and I'll trying my best to get Flash 6 iplug-in nstalled in the JKCC. They should work from your home computer, if you have Flash 6 plug-in installed.