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The usage of module registration, and email backup was a great success in the 2000/2001 session. If you are studying this module in the Session 2001/2002, please try and register for the module, and you will be kept up-to-date with any developments:

Module registration
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Module organiser
Module timetable
Practical test [to be taken in the practical session]
Practical test results
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Module material

Most of the material for the module is contained in the Module Organiser, but the following quick a few quick links:

Teacher's notes
Module notes
Module presentations
Module project
   [PDF for Napier students]
   [PDF for external students]
On-line tests
On-line lectures
Source code

An important concept in networking and the Internet is the client/server architecture, thus I've developed a few programs which allows client/server systems to be investigated. The main code links are:

WinSock Client ZIP [EXE]
WinSock Server ZIP [EXE]
VB Socket programming
Java Sockets [LINK JUST ADDED!]
2000/2001 archive

The CNDS module ran for the second time, in its present form, in the session 2000/2001. For over 160 students who sat the module, nearly all of them pass the module at the first diet. If you want to access some of the material for this session, select the following:

2000/2001 Coursework specifications
2000/2001 Coursework marks
2000/2001 Exam marks
2000/2001 Exam paper
2000/2001 Exam details
2000/2001 Exam FAQs
2000/2001 Exam (Joke)
2000/2001 Exam (Soln)
2000/2001 Questionaire results
2000/2001 Class
2000/2001 archive. Check results, and things
VB Socket programming
Java Socket programming
Updated VB Client code
Updated VB Server code
Java client/ server code
MPEG of last week's lecture
Part II
Big Brother is watching you
Wireless networking devices
GPRS - The truely portable Internet - but not yet!
This week's lecture (Net. Fundamentals)
WWW page changes
(WWW page)
96% of all students on the module reckon that e-mail support is a very good or an excellent idea.

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