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CNDS Pages of the Past
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I find it amazing how WWW pages have changed over the years. As much as possible I've tried to save most of my previous design, to show this. In just three years we have moved from horrible gray pages with blue and purple WWW links, to beautifully integrated WWW pages. Here's the CNDS page from August 2000:

At the time there was not a great usage of CSS files, thus the font types were difficult to define. Thus the only real way to get a nice font, with a defined colour, was to use a GIF image for the navigation word. Here's an example:

By August 2001, many WWW pages had moved away from using graphics for text option (especially it they did not give the crispness of normal fonts), thus the page was revised with updated text links:


By September 2001: I decided to try and integrate a little bit of Flash on the page, and I tried to integrate many of the menu items.

The Flash animation was great for the first few times that the page was accessed, but it got a bit repeditive, thus by November 2001 it has been decided that the new layout did not work, so it was changed back to a similar layout:

The expand/contract menu items worked well in Internet Explorer, unfortunately they did not work with NetScape Navigator. Thus, Navigator was a standard browser at Napier, I had to get rid of them in favour of a simple menu. For this I moved a good deal of the links from the front page onto sub-pages. This made the navigation easier, and reduced the clutter on the home page. By December 2001:

by July 2002:

by November 2002:

for February 2003:

and finally March 2003:

and April 2003, it took a slightly different layout for colour:




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