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Napier University re-organised their computing subject area a few years ago. The elements of computing from the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EEE) and the Department of Mechanical, Manufacturing and Software Engineering (MMSE), merged with the Department of Computing, to become the School of Computing. The strength of this new School was that it taught the whole spectrum of computing, from computer hardware at one end, to information systems at the other end.

The CNDS started its life as CNDS in MMSE and as DCC (Data Communications and Networks) in the EEE. When the new School of Computing were merged the two modules were merged and re-created as a Level 3 module. Initially the new module was focused on coverage of Ethernet, ATM, the OSI module, Electronic mail (SMTP) and TCP/IP [1999/2000 exam paper and 2000/2001 paper]. It was obvious from the feedback from the survey [2000/2001 survey] that electronic mail was a bit too detailed, so it was dropped and replace with .

2001/2002 archive:

Exam paper
2nd diet

2000/2001 archive:

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Exam marks
Exam paper
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1999/2000 paper
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