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cnds activities - week 4
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Lab-based Activities

Week Beginning (Napier/JWatt/Lauder): 20 Oct 2003 [Activities]

The activities for this week are: [NetPerf software]

Lab Activity 4.0

Run the netperf client and server on the same host.

Measure the actual network throughput.

Lab Activity 4.1

Run the netperf client and server on different hosts.

Measure the actual network throughput.

Lab Activity 4.5

Estimate the average throughput for the network.

Lab Activity 4.7: Complete details of activities

Once you have completed the activities, please complete the following form, and submit it:

[Activities form]

Lab Activity 4.8: Network design.

Using Configmaker, draw the schematic of the network, and assign the correct IP ad-dresses and subnet masks. [Link]

Additional: [CMaker package]

Additional Activities

The additional activities for this week are:

Activity 4.1: Network design - 3-layered model.

An important factor in any technical development is to have formal abstract design. The three-layer model gives us an example of defining the properties of a complex design [Link]


Activity 4.2: Network design.

Link the layers to the design [Link]



Activity 4.3

The Netserver server is running at www.tobecompleted.

Determine the actual throughput between the netperf software and the NetPerf client. The Netserver is using port 1001.


Activity 4.4: Test

Please conduct the following test which is based on Unit 4. [Link]


The challenge for this week is:

Challenge 3

A key element of network management is to understand where traffic flows from and to. This challenge gives a network situation, and you must determine the highest data flow. After you calculate your result, please submit your answer [Link]