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cnds activities - week 10
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Lab-based Activities

Week Beginning (Napier/JWatt/Lauder): 1 Dec 2003

You have 45 minutes to complete 35 questions.  Your test will be graded from A+, A, A-, B+, and so on. The marking is as follows:

You will receive one mark for a correct answer.
You will loose 0.2 marks for an incorrect answer.
You will not loose any marks for a question which is not answered.

The details of the test are:


You must add your name, matriculation number (ID), and a contact email address.


Your details must be checked by your tutor. Please have your matriculation card with you to show the tutor.


Your tutor will add the password. You should look away when the password is being entered.


You should only take this test in the presence of a tutor.

Please also read the following:

The details of the questions in the following exam should not be divulged to any other student.

The complete details of your test will be monitored, including the place taken, time taken, and so on.

Every aspect of this exam is monitored, including the place taken, time taken, and so on.


Any student that is found to have gained an extra advantage, or given another student an extra advanatage, though non-academic means is likely to suffer a heavy penalty, and may be referred to the Plagiarism Office.

The activities for this week are:

Activity 10.1

On-line test [Link]

Note. ... Your test is not complete until you get a confirmation screen. Please ask your instructor to check to see if you have the confirmation screen.

Activity 10.2

Router/switch/host [Link]

Activity 10.3

Fault [Link]