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William Buchanan/Napier University


The objective of these pages are:

To show the vibrance of the academic research undertaken within the School of Computing at Napier University.

How achieved:
Main page and Diary page.

To provide support for modules taught within the School of Computing, especially Computer Networks and Distributed Systems (CNDS) and Network Operating Systems (NOS), with the delivery of notes, tutorials, on-line tests, timetables, e-mails, examinations and courseworks.
How achieved:

To support BEng/BEng(Hons) students by providing a depository for previous projects and examinations, and any associated material.

How achieved:
Projects and Examinations.

To encourage student development in practical areas by providing WWW-based examples, especially in the areas of WWW development, multimedia development, database integration with the WWW, and network programming.
How achieved:
Code snippets, WWW pages of the past and My studio.

To stimulate interest in the area of Computing and Computer Science, with interesting articles which show the importance of the subject area.

How achieved:
Essay of the week and Fun page.

To provide information to researchers in my research active areas, especially in agent technology and security.

How achieved:
Research page.

These pages are intended to motivate and stimulate development in Computing. In no way do any of the pages reflect the views of the School of Computing or Napier University. If anyone would like anything on these pages deleted, or modified, in any way, they should contact the author immediately.

Anyone who tries to tamper with any part of this WWW site will be immediately reported to the authorities.

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Any person who does any unauthorised act in relation to this WWW site may be liable to criminal prosecution and civil claims for damages.

William Buchanan has asserted his rights to be identified as the author of this work in accordance with the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988.

References to material should be properly referenced, in the form:

This has been illustrated by Buchanan [1] and improves the architecture by connecting the LAN device onto the PCI bus.


W.Buchanan, LAN on a Motherboard,, 21 Dec 2001.

Some, or all of this work, has been previously published in another publication, and is protected by copyright.

William Buchanan has allowed the material to be published in this form, but no additional rights are granted for the further exploitation of this work, without his consent, whether it be by paper-based or electronic material. Most of the material on this site has been designed to form a single identity. Any material which is added to it by any another author, must first be approved by William Buchanan, and then clearly identified as additional material.

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July 18, 2001
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