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100. The 100th Design Tip

Well. Here we are. This is the 100th design tip. At present there is conflict in the world, so I've decided to design a posters which reflect the hope for unity in the world. I've used a child as the center focus of the poster, as children are probably the most vunerable in any conflict.

First let's import a few images and text onto the canvas. In the following case there are five graphical elements and a text element (One World). The graphical images are obvoiusly competing with each other for the focus of the graphic. Thus let's use an Alpha of 30% for the bomb logo (the grey one on the right-hand side), and we must blend the star into the background so that the text can be readable. For this we can add a 20% alpha. The text also has too much constrast, thus we can change it's colour to a yellowish hue (#FFFFBB). This gives:



The best format to use is SWF, as we can easily change the background colour, without effecting the graphical content (unlike GIF which normally requires a change of Matte colour - which creates a line line around a graphic which matches the background colour). First with a dark blue:


and now with an orangy/red colour:


and green:


and yellow:


and a darker red:


and a darker blue:



I think, personally, that the dark red version is the best, so let's try and scale our graphic to see if it works as a larger version (50% increase):


and smaller (50% smaller):


For example, in a banner:!




One day, soon, there will be just one world. Hopefully it won't take too long.