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107. XML-based Tests on a Pocket PC

The Pocket PC and mobile devices make design more difficult. In the example on the right-hand side a large movie for testing has been scaled down to fit within a Pocket PC screen (which is only about 200 pixels wide). The original version is around 600 pixels wide, and a scaled-down version of this (to 400 pixels width) is:

You'll see that I've taken out all the fancy bits, and left the core movie. The movie itself is XML-based, and will run well on a Pocket PC (or even a PDA). Thus, as I've said many times, you can reuse components to use many different types of content. The movie itself can be modified for the Pocket PC, but the underlying programming of the XML stays the same, thus the XML files can simply be copied over for different tests.


Figure 1: Pocket PC running an XML-based movie