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119. Importing graphics into Flash

[Expand] I've investigating many methods of importing graphics from other packages into Flash. Most of the time the graphics work fine with graphical elements, but are poor with text. For this I've tried PNG, TIF, Cut-and-paste, and most other formats. The cut-and-paste almost works, but there seems to be some graphical elements that do not quite port from one package to another. The best format I have found is Windows Meta Files (WMF). They are not supported in some packages, but, luckily, Flash can import them. The following FDDI graphic was imported from PowerPoint using a WMF file. It works fairly well, especially in the display of the text elements of the graphic:

So how did I draw the ring, with the break? Well if you look at the following graphic with a coloured background you can see that I just used two circles for the rings, and then I added to white lines at the connections to the networks. Thus when viewed against a white background, the ring looks as if it is broken. For the break in the ring I've added a white rectangle.