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25. From Radox to Networks

Let's take an example of how a photograph can be modified to create a new graphic. One of the best design objects I have seen is the Radox® bubble bath bottle. It has a beautiful colour, and is extremely soothing to look at when you're soaking in the bath. Thus we have:

Next the image can be modified through the following stages:

The required image is first cut-out, and then the magic wand is used to select the objects around the object, and are deleted.
After this the main text can be taken away by selecting a fill-colour with the eye dropper, and adding a rectangle of the same colour on top of the text.
The new text can then be added to replace the old text. I've used a nice san serif font as it scales well, and looks modern.

and then:

Next we can add some more text.
You can see that the new text sticks out of the rest of the image, thus we can simply add a blue to our text, and it blends into image.
Finally we can add our own image to the graphic.

So here's our image blended into a picture of a router:

I hope that the makers of Radox do not mind me using a picture of their product in order to teach a principle of design. All I can say in my defence is that I think it is an example of first-class design, which is backed-up with a truely excellent product. I will not use the image on any other page, apart from this one.