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31. Designing Posters

The WWW has moved the presentation of information from textural to graphical, and pages must now have strong graphical images so that the can attract the user to read the textural information. Thus a good skill is to be able to design a poster, which can be included as part of a WWW page, or used as a poster in marketing information. The following is a simple graphic I have designed for courses in a School of Computing. The key elements of this graphic are:


The picture uses reds which gives a positive image of the institution.

Strong image

The woman in the image has obviously achieved a great objective, which is the same as achieving a qualification on a course of study.



A key element of the poster (and graphic) is how well it scales into a larger and a smaller format, so lets scale the image down, and see if it is still usable:

200-pixel width

150-pixel width

As you can see it still scales well, even down at 150 pixels. This will allow the graphic to be easily integrated into other WWW pages.

We can enhance it again by making it slightly darker to give:

or we could make it more red with:

or more yellow:

Unfortunately the increased amount of yellow, fails, as the text colour does not constrast with the background, as much as it did with a darker background. An enhancement is to use a bit more cyan:

Which one do you prefer? Well I like the cyan-enhanced one. Here's another of my designs:

As you can see this has a cooler feel, as it uses blues and grays.