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32. Logo's


Agent Design 01

I need to create a simple logo for the Distributed Systems and Mobile Agents research group, so I've draft a few example. First we could try the idea of a robber, which, of course, has links with agents. A 200-pixel width is:


Agent Design 02

Then we could expand this to give the following. A 200-pixel width version is:


Agent Design 03

We could even try an alien. A small version is:


I think looks quite good. Let's enhance it a bit by adding a graphic in the background.



So let's try this graphic in a smaller form (in case we need a smaller size for a page):

200 pixels width

100 pixels width

So let's see if it works in a WWW page:

What do you think? I think it works quite well, and gives a real focus for the page. I appreciate that the link between the alien and distributed systems/agents is a little difficult to find, but it looks good anyway.