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34. Napier Campus

Edinburgh is such a beautiful place to work and live, and, at Napier, we are extremely lucky to based in one of the nicest parts of the city. In fact our main campus is in the birthplace of John Napier, the inventor of the logarithms. The campus itself has been built around the original residence of John Napier (Merchiston Castle), and it is so stimulating to come into work every day and pass this historical building. Thus I've decided to try and portray it in the following images. First I've taken an outline of it:

Next I've coloured it in. Using a good mixture of grays, and blues:


In the next one I've managed to get the flag flying, and I've tried to accenuate both the sky and the flag:

and a view from the side of the castle. Again the tree is beautifully placed.

Next is one of the main entrance. I especially like this one, as it has a beautiful tree in the background.

A more textured representation of it is:


Comment received on this design tips

Sun 14/07/2002 18:45

If you have other drawings or photos of the tower, I would love to see them.

From someone with a Napier surname.