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38. Experimenting with designs

It is impossible to ever get a design correct with the first draft. That's why a pencil and rubber are much better tools than a pen and correction fluid. So it's important when designing digital graphics that you can easily try out different colours, textures and ideas. So let's try with our scary skeleton. First we have two basic designs. The changes I've made are to put a glow around the main text in the first graphic, but a drop-shadow in the second one. I've also changed the arrow at the bottom of the picture.

Which one looks the best? Well, the both look okay, I think that the glow helps to blend the text into the skull. I'm less convinced about the arrow, so let's try some other ideas. I'll add some arrow graphics, with an emboss on them, and a drop-shadow behind.

I think these are much better, as the give the image a real 3D-feel. In fact I like it so much that maybe we should try to give the skeleton an emboss.

This looks much better, and gives the graphic and excellent 3D feel, which contrasts against the 2D feel of the text. So I think we've found our best graphic, thus let's animate it:


It's scary Man!