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45. Is it Art?

As a technical person I have been trained to believe that there is a correct answer to everything. Unfortunately in Art there is not. I have tried to understand the elements of Art that make something pleasing and stimulating to the eye, and what does not. As an engineer or a computer scientist I would have tried to generate a formula which defined the probability that someone would like a piece of Art. Unfortunately I cannot. In fact I cannot even determine what I like. So let's investigate a few different images, and decide if they work, or not.

This, I think, is appealing, especially the skewed graphic on the left-hand side. I don't quite know if the text works, but the graphic itself has some impact. Let's try adding some text to a painting, and see if it works:

Is this Art? No. Not quite. The colours are bland, and there is no stimulation for the viewer. So let's go for total stimulation with something that's so extreme that it must attract the viewer:

The shock factor of this works, in that anyone who views this graphic will actually be attracted to read it, but would they be attracted by the message. Well, I don't think so.

Well. I dislike this graphic so much that let's go back to the original design, and try another idea:

But the thing to remember is that I really don't know what will work for other people. I know what I like and that can be totally different to what everyone else likes. That's the problem, really. There's hope, though, for all of us, in that if one person dislikes your design, then there might always be someone, somewhere else, that loves them.