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[Expand] It is often difficult to attract graduates to apply for a PhD, so I'm working on a poster to promote the Distributed Systems and Mobile Agents research group. Past of the problem is that it is not advertised and promoted well enough. We've all seen the excellent recruitment campaigns for graduate recruitment, but academia often does try to complete against this. Thus I've drafted a few ideas here, to see which one works best. You must remember that the large corporations have professional graphic designs, and large advertising budgets, so my attempt will be no where near as good as there, but lets makes a first attempt with one of our previous graphics:

Hello. I'm the scary skeleton, that you've seen before, on a few of Bill's other pages.

which I like a great deal. It has a catchy image, and draws the eye to the poster. So let's try and integrate it with some text:

TIP: How did I get this graphic into the WWW page? Well I drafted it in Microsoft Word, and then zoomed out so that the page fitted into the screen, and then pressed Alt-Prn Sc to capture the screen. Next I pasted it into Macromedia Fireworks, and cut out the poster, and pasted it into a new image.

100-pixel width 200-pixel width

What do you think?

I quite like it. I think it even looks quite good in a small version. In general, it's nice and simple, but effective. Next we need to design it as a WWW page:


PhD Opportunity in Distributed Systems


re you interesting in doing a PhD in the School of Computing at Napier University? Then, why not consider the Distributed Systems and Mobile Agents research group? The current research areas include:

Security. Intelligent intrusion detection.

Encryption. New algorithms for enhanced security.

Agent Technology. New networking models using static and mobile agents.

Mobile Computing. New models for mobile computing.

Reuse. Creation of models for reusable and distributed content.

Which isn't a good as the proper graphic layout, but it's acceptable. So let's try a few other designs. Perhaps they can be used as a basic theme:

and with another agent:

Finally we can view the posters as a Flash movie: