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[Expand] I've just finished writing a paper on reuse, and the usage of XML in developing WWW I've quickly produced a graphic for a reuse paper, and if you're interested. For this I've skewed the a Windows page to give it the effect of floating in space. This was achieved in Fireworks by simply inserting a screen shot, and selecting Transform-Distort. I'll also try and show in this article of how you can skew graphics in Flash, and how this can be made to look as if the graphic is flying.

Here is the initial draft graphic:

We can quickly animate this, using the skew option in Flash to give:

I did this by skewing the graphic (which, of course, is a movie clip). You can see that the graphic is initially skew in the horizontal direction by 10.0. I then create a motion tween between the unskewed and the skewed graphics:

and then later with a larger skew, to make it look at if it is speeding-up:

I've said this before, many times, but isn't Flash amazing!