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Flash and Director

[Expand] Flash provides interest where no other program can. The way that it presents interaction has no equal. Just imagine trying to use Java or C++ to provide the movie on the right-hand side, and you can imagine who powerful Flash is. It still amazes me that Director still seems to be the preferred choice in most multimedia courses, as it is often combursome in its support for additional programming. Flash, though, provides Actionscript which is equivalent to writing C/C++ code. Thus to someone with a background in programming and in object-oriented methods, it also become like an extension to a standard programming environment.

Lingo to me seems like a foreign language. Statements such as:

on mouseUp me
 go to frame 10

just doesn't seem as logical as:

on (release) {


sprite(2).locH = 20

just isn't the same as:

myshape._x = 30;