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From Academic Material to WWW pages

I've often wondered the best way to produce WWW-based material. Should you convert it from Word into HTML? NO!!!!!! It produces a terrible format, which is virtually impossible to edit. Thus should you produce a totally bespoked solution? Well. Yes. In a way. But, it can often take a while to get prototypes of your designs to the users/customers, and you can actually spend more time on the design of the layout and feel and less on the actual content integration. An important factor in WWW design is to produce early prototypes which users can access. So a good solution is to get a package which quickly converts your content into a clean and easy-to-use format. Then users can assess it. But your WWW material will look like everyone elses who use the same material? The way to avoid this is to then bespoke the material once you have automatically generated it. I hope to show this type of design over the next few weeks, but here is a start.

I've been working on a WWW-based course for a company, and I've started with a few initial designs. My first one was produce with Course Genie, and produces a clean and easy to use interface: