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From Photograph to Flash Movie

For all the power of Java, you can't beat the visual display of Flash on a Pocket PC. Together they make a perfect marriage. I've produced another graphic to show on a Pocket PC.

The graphic I've used is from the Computer Networks and Distributed Systems (CNDS) module. [CNDS]. I think it is one the better logos that I have done. It is fairly vibrant and I love the orange triangles, which look very modern. I've used it in the CNDS for Pocket PC page [CNDS for Pocket PC]. The only problem with the Flash movie is that it is over 100KB, but as the bandwidth of local Internet connections is increasing, it will not really be a problem for many users. Anyone the module is aimed at local students, who view the material from Napier's computing resources. Also, it is not part of the main content page for the module, so if someone has problems in viewing the movie, then they don't really have to view it, as it is just there for interest.

Here's a few of the graphics that have been used with the CNDS page:

Figure 1: Photograph of my Pocket PC