12 Dec 2000

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12 Dec 2000

My week

This was the last week before the Christmas/New Year break, so there wasn't so much going on.

"I think there is a world market for maybe five computers."

Thomas Watson, chairman of IBM, 1943.

NOS {Monday}
This week I covered Novell NDS and found that I really have to refine the presentation so that I do not go into a much detail about the specific elements of NDS. Once area that I need to remember to cover well is the attributes for files. Napier have tried to implement a mixed NDS/NT network this year but it just hasn't worked, so we've ended up with a hybrid network, of UNIX/NT for the student network, and NDS/NT for the rest. Thus it's important for my teaching that I get some screen-shots of the Napier NDS tree before they replace NDS with NT/UNIX. For the NOS assignment I've tried to draw the layout of the new network topology.

Cisco {Wednesday, Thursday}
For the commercial course we quickly revised the main questions for the Semester 1 final exam, which will happen next week.

Current Favs.


A Brief History of the Future: The Origin of the Internet, John Naugton.
I really enjoyed reading this book, as it's got lots of interesting facts about the Internet. I've added some of my favouriate quotes at the bottom of this page.

Music CD:

White Ladder, David Gray.
I've not had much of a chance to listen to any new music over the past week, so my favouriate CD is still David Gray.


Silver and Gold, Neil Young.
As above.



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