14 October 2004

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Scotsman Article

As an academic, newspaper reporters sometime phone-up to get your option on a subject. Here's one from this week (Scotsman, 15 October 2004) [Link]:

Is this the end of the internet café?

Fri 15 Oct 2004 ROB TOMLINSON

A DECADE AGO, they were at the cutting edge of cool, a hip high street hang-out for pioneers of the "information super highway" and a magnet for travellers who favoured e-mail over airmail to keep in touch with friends and family.


Bill Buchanan, from the school of computing at Napier University in Edinburgh, likens the early popularity of internet cafés to renting out VHS and DVD machines following their initial appearance on the high street. "People rented them at first because of the price, but now they’re so cheap you might as well buy one," he says. "It’s the same with internet access."

He is not surprised that in the year of its tenth birthday, the standard high street internet café is, essentially, a thing of the past. "Things become redundant so quickly now because of the technology. It has changed so quickly within ten years - but that’s what makes it exciting."

Buchanan believes that backpackers and travellers will increasingly use wireless technology to stay in touch, although internet cafés may have a minor role by providing leading-edge technology such as video-streaming. "This can allow you to watch, say, a soccer match from a really remote or obscure place, which you would not be able to do from a home PC," he said.


Here's the text:




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