3 April 2006

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Article in Glasgow Herald

Below is an article for the Glasgow Herald (April 5, 2006):

The full text is:

... The combined group which will be branded under the Virgin name, hopes to challenge BSkyB, the UK's dominant pay-TV provider.
Professor Bill Buchanan, of Napier University's computing department, said the expansion would ultimately be good news for consumers.
He said: "With the internet, technology companies are often able to create wide-scale monopolies, such as in the case of Google, Intel and Microsoft, in a way that is difficult in many traditional industries.
"It is important for UK-based companies to grow to such a size and breadth of product range, in order to compete with the global players.
"Also, like it or not, broadband communications will be as much of a utility of the future as water, gas and electricity are now, and it is important that we have companies which can compete on a global scale, and which have a local viewpoint.
"The real money for the future will be in the delivery of content and services the new technology brings, and the provision of broadband services will give a way for companies to deliver these to a captive market, in a relatively easy way.
"The web, though, is still a fairly open place, and users are still able to pick where they get their content from, so just because you use a company to provide your broadband communications, you do not have to use the same company to provide you with your content."



This week my research group successfully organised a Symposium in Intelligence related to Security and Forensic Computing. The programme was:

Session 1


Keith Foggon, DNS Ltd.
Title: Digital Forensic Tools with Case Studies


Dr Steve Furnell, University of Plymouth
Title: Continuous user identify verification using keystroke analysis [Presentation]


Coffee break

Session 2


Jamie Tywcross, University of Nottingham.
Title: Implementing and Testing a Biologically-Inspired Security System. [Presentation]


Dr Geraint Price, Royal Holloway University of London.
Title: Security Without Authentication? [Presentation]


Lunch break

Session 3


Dr Robert Askwith, Liverpool John Moores University.
Title: Network Security: Making the Network Intelligent [Presentation]


Ken Hutcheon
Title: Security Concerns


David Llamas, University of St Andrews
Title: Information Hiding


Coffee break

Session 4


Zbigniew Kwecka
Title: Application Layer Covert Channels [Presentation]


Matthew Pemble, Investigation & Threat Management Group Information Security Royal Bank of Scotland Group
Title:The Essential conflict between 'Computer' and 'Forensics' [Presentation]


John Howie, Director of the World Wide Services and IT Technical Community for Security at Microsoft.
Title: Information Hiding [Presentation]



and a few photos are:

Steve Furnell

David Llamas

Geraint Price

John Howie

Jamie Twycross

Matthew Pemble

Robert Askwith


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