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Cookie (2.89MB)
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Disclaimer: Well, my site contains lots of academic things, so excuse me for including a few things of the things that I really love: music and, of course, my family. So before I torment your ears with the sound of my singing, I must state a few disclaimers, just in case you wish to sue for lack of hearing or even psychological problems. They are:

- These songs were created, without any planning, for my kids, before they went to bed (as you can probably tell with the background noises). The only exception is Sonic which was produced on a proper 4-track (a cheap one, by the way). The cheering at the start of this song is really a mistake as I recorded it on a tape which had Pink Floyd Live on it, and a little bit of it is still there.

- These songs are meant to be a bit of fun and are not meant to be taken seriously (as all music should).

- My kids (David and Jamie) love these songs, so they have achieved the main objectives (much better than Old King Cole, Humpty Dumpty, and so on). They were recorded over two nights, that's all. If I played you some of the weirder ones, I'd probably get locked-up by men in white coats, so I've only included the sensible ones.

- I know that I can't sing or play the guitar, that well, but I really enjoy both of them. You don't have to listen to them, it's a free world (sort of).

- My kids love Sonic (the Hedgehog), Toy Story (Woody, Mr. Potato Head, and so on), Cookie (our fluffy cat) and Honey, and, of course, sweeties (USA: candy). So the songs reflect these things. I've spent many a night reading from the Sonic the Hedgehog comic to David. I actually really like the comic, it's really weird in places.

- I love the technology that coverts recorded music into MP3. It is such an exciting area that is sure to become a universal standard. It's amazing that you can put hundreds of songs onto a standard CD (10 hours, roughly). I also love recording music, but I just don't have time to do it properly. Some of my other (non personal) songs are: Eclipse, Lunatics and Mellow My Mind.

- No rights are reserved for these songs, but I reserve the right to withdraw these songs from the public domain, especially as my kids get older and get into more interesting things.

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