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Dot Net XML Web Services Course
Instructors: Prof Bill Buchanan/Alistair Lawson
The aim of this part of the programme is to present state-of-the-art techniques in modern software development based on the innovative .NET framework and the usage of Web Services. This programme will be based on the Microsoft .NET 70-320 certification, along with novel academic material to present the main concepts involved in the provision of robust and efficient Web-based applications.

These types of applications are likely to form the foundations for the future of business applications, especially in their support for an enhanced software framework, and with software components which are well tested, and available on most types of systems. The main teaching language is C# which is one of the best languages for teaching software development, and is based around complete object-orientation techniques.

The programme will also give students a good viewpoint on integrating many types of data sources, such as from XML files, and databases. These skills are in high demand in industry, and should form the future of business applications. The content is as follows:

Creating and Manipulating DataSets

XML Data

.NET Remoting

Web Services

Windows Services

Component Services

Testing and Debug/ Calling Unmanaged Code

Deployment/Security Issues

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