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The ProfSIMS© is a package written by a networking professionals for networking professionals. It contains a full range of Cisco simulators, including a router, switch, wireless access point (Cisco Aironet 1200), PIX/ASA firewall (Version 6.x and Version 7.x), Wireless LAN Controller (WLC), Wireless ADU, ASDM, SDM, Juniper and much more from $38.

It now has 12,960 exam questions, over 16 hours of video lectures, 280 router labs, 160 switch labs, 160 PIX/ASA labs, 80 Wireless labs, 52 new CCNA Wireless labs (including WLC GUI/CLI and Cisco ADU), new Juniper labs, and over 35 ASDM labs, covering a whole range of certification examples and production environments. Along with this we have an ASDM and SDM simulator, so that you can learn to integrate the Windows interface with CLI. In fact, if you can't find a challenge for what you want on a single device, we'll add it for free!.

... and for support ... we provide one of the best support infrastructures in the business! 7 days per week (even Sunday!)

New CCVP Simulator. NetworkSims have just finished challenges for VoIP applications. The simulator now includes 30 CCVP labs, in order to study for the exciting world of Voice over IP. It is the only Cisco simulator in the World which has both hands-on and exam simulation for every element of the CCVP. Some demos are:

[CCVP Demo 1][CCVP Demo 2][CCVP Demo 3]

CCSP PIX/ASA Simulator. This simulator covers most of the features of the PIX/ASA device, including both Version 6.x and 7.0 IOS. It also covers the material required for the PIX/ASA-related CCSP certification, which is 642-522, and has 106 PIX/ASA challenges (Ver 6.x and Ver 7.x). In fact, it is the only Cisco simulator in the World which has both hands-on and exam simulation for PIX/ASA and for many elements of the CCSP. A demo is: [PIX Demo]

Cisco Aironet 1200 simulator. This simulator contains most of the challenges required for wireless networks and for Cisco wireless certification. 74 Wireless challenges. It is the only Cisco simulator in the World which has both hands-on and exam simulation for the Cisco Wireless certifications, including integration with the Cisco Academy. A demo is: [Wireless Demo]

CCNP ISCW (Implementing Secure Converged Wide Area). This contains over 60 unique challenges which are match to the new focus of the CCNP certification. It includes setting up VPNs, configuring Auto secure, Context-based ACLs, and Crypto lists. The certification number is 642-825 (ISCW). Each of the challenges vary so that you never get the same challenge details. Examples are:

CCNP ONT (Optimizing Converged Networks). This contains over 60 challenges covering the new focus on Quality of Service on Cisco network. The simulator package also include a wide range of wireless challenges covers many of the key objectives related to wireless. The certification number is 642-845 (ONT) [Click here - example].

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NetworkSims, and ProfSIMS© are copyrights of NetworkSims Ltd [About us]