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My Favouriate Art

The WWW has created new design techniques, especially in the layout and presentation of information. For the first time designers can properly use color, text, images, and all sorts of content to produce the required effect. One important thing is that most pages on the WWW are dull and boring, and do not entice views to stay and observe them for their beauty. What is required is stimulation of the mind, and the best place to look for this is in the paintings of the past.

My favouriate artists are:

Best work
Gertler, Mark
The Merry-Go-Round
I will never tire of this painting. The colours intrigue me, especially the rich blues and reds. Many modern designers have copied the simple shapes of the people, especially with the long curved legs, and extended chests.
Seurat, Georges
Sunday Afternoon on the Island of the Grande Jatte
A painting that many modern designers have used to base their designs on. It is filled with warm colours, and your eye seems to search around the painting looking forever at the interesting characters, without ever loosing interest in the picture as a whole.
Wood, Grant
American Gothic
A painting that will always attract your eye. It is simple on the surface, but its depth lies in the expressions, and in their eyes.
Weeping Women
No-one has ever came near the genius of Picasso, in his abstraction and in his use of colours. This picture seems to draw you in, and you really feel that you are there with the lady as she tells you her sad tale.
Kandinsky, Wasily
My Applied PC Interfacing book.
I have been lucky enough to get a Kandinsky for one of my books, and I love it. I really think that there is a childlike quality to Kandinsky's art, which is something that we seem to loose, or is driven out of us, as we get older.
Monet, Claude
Waterlilly Pond
The vibrance of the colours, and the shimmer of the water and the leaves bring back memories of long-hot summers days of ones youth.
Tuscan Villas
It's difficult to choose my favouriate Lazzerini, but I think Tuscan Villas is the most inspirational.
Léger, Fernand
The Builders
I love abstraction of real-life, and this picture is fun, but has a real depth, too. Networking and IT companies often use graphics which are similar in the advertising graphics.
Dali, Salvador
It's difficult to choose my favouriate, but this representation of sleep is the most stimulating of his works.

Here's some of mine:


Merchiston Castle (Napier campus):


And my anti-war picture:

and (Bill: I've just spotted I've missed the t from Computing. Oh dear!):

And finally, a boring one: