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Internet of the Future

Some time ago I submitted a proposal which posed the question: 'The Disappearing Computer'. Well, it has already disappeared. Computer chips may seem relatively large, but the actual silicon that they use covers a very small area. It’s really just the casing and the pins that takes-up the space. If there were no interfaces to anything then the computer would be the size of this bookmark. Look at computer monitors, disk drives, and so on. All of these could blend themselves into our lives. Hard disks could be replaced by small pieces of silicon (Flash RAMs) and a computer monitor by a thin display. The most important thing though, will not be the processor, or the amount of memory, or whether it can play DVD movies, its will be its connection to the Internet. If you have access to the Internet, you are part of the world’s biggest mainframe. Part of the large distributed system ever created (or should I say to evolve, as the Internet was never really created, or was it?). A living, breathing, digital world. The future is towards computers which will become a part of the fabric of our life’s. So, what’s going to disappear? The Internet, as it will also become part of the fabrics of our lives. For too long our communications have been control by governments, large corporations and monopolistic telephone companies, but not any more.

If you're interested here's the presentation I made to describe the model of the Internet for the future:

and an animation of the proposal: