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My Favs.

This page defines some of my interests, that are not outlined on my CV [CV page]. At the bottom of this page is the previous animation that I included on this page, so if you interested you can view it here [Favs. fossil]. Music is one of my favouriate things, including playing and listening to it.


William Buchanan, BSc (Hons.), PhD, CEng


Music production. My singing and guitar skills are not great, but I enjoy recording and mixing music.
[Sample -Ryan Adams song: Real Audio or MP3]
[Sample -T4F song: Real Audio]
[Sample -Bob Dylan song: Real Audio]
[Sample -Ryan Adams song: Real Audio]
Guitar playing

Music favs:

Neil Young;
Shaun Mullins;
Ryan Adams;
Richard Thomson;

My Favs (fossil)

The following shows a Flash movie that I did some time ago:


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