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HotMail Messenger. Contact me in real-time on (or ICQ). Coming soon:

Research paper. IEE Paper presentation in Washington, DC.

CNDS/DCC. Majority of students think e-mail support for modules is an excellent idea (NOS)

WWW pages of the past. Scary how things change [Three generations]

82% of all students on the module reckoned that the module information provided was either very good or excellent. [Link]
CNDS survey, 2000/2001

I've added a little test to determine your knowledge of networking/ Internet [also subnetting and an IQ test]. For the CNDS/ DCC subject I've added a few things such as on-line tests (please try them, and tell me if there are any problems) and a form for registration for the Cisco Academy (Commercial [Help] and Student [Help]). Along with this I've:

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Added lots of new pages to my Just a Bit of Fun page and my essay page (and my academic diary). I've tried to make them light-hearted and informative (which is a difficult balance).

Link to my Research page

Developed the CNDS and NOS pages, which outlineWhy not take an on-line test for CNDS? the Units, Presentations, Tutorials and Worksheets.

Some Shockwave animations

Screen shot from an animation (and GIF) of my previous research (and some Shockwave animations). Also, if you're stressed, or if you're a child of the 1970s, why not try this (it's Bubble-tastic!).

Link to my Research page

Updated my schedule (or the HTML form), but its not perfect, so I won't really trust it.

My publications

Compiled a list of my main publications for reference purposes (and now with Abstracts), Another screen shot from although my CV has the most detailed listing of my publications. I've also got some examples of ASP [or from my Personal Web Server], including a database application [PWS].

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School of Computing WWW page, which has lots of useful information.

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Link to my Research page
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