Advanced Security and Network Forensics

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Unit 1: Fundamentals

Unit 2 Vulnerabilities and Threats

Unit 3: Network Forensics

Unit 4: Obfuscation and Data Hiding

Test 1

Unit 5: Web Infrastructure

Unit 6: Cloud

Test 2

Test 2 will be on Wednesday 24 April 2012 from 9am. The study guides are:

  • CSN10102. Certification focus: Ethical Hacking (1 -7). 35 questions ... approximately 25 Ethical Hacking questions taken from Units 1 ( Business Aspects of Pen Testing) to 7 (Hijacking).

Study material:

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A company (MyComp) has had a security breach where it is alleged that there has been illegal file sharing on the corporate server. The company has managed to get a virtual image of the computer, which contains traces of evidence that could be used for the investigation. It is thus your objective to investigate the virtual image, and produce a fair and unbiased report on the finds. You will be provided with a DVD of the image. The trace is in virtual image, but can also be downloaded from:

Submission date: TBC