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Cisco Tests


This pages contains some of the avialable resources that I have development for networking and integrate with my NetworkSims package (http://Networksims.com).


Switching is now a core part of networking, and NetworkSims focuses on covering as many areas of switching as possible. There is a fun test at:

[Take fun test]

and there is resources for key areas at:

[Sample test 1 - Introduction][PPT Presentation]
[Sample test 2- VLAN and VTP][PPT Presentation]
[Sample test 3- STP][PPT Presentation]
[Sample test 4- InterVLAN].
[Sample test 5- Multilayered Switching]. [PPT Presentation]
[Sample test 6- Av. and Redundancy]. [PPT Presentation]
[Sample test 7- Multicast].
[Sample test 8- QoS]. [PPT Presentation]
[Sample test 9- MLS Optimization and Security].


CCVP is one of the growing areas in the Cisco certification, and covers key areas such Voice, QoS and the associated protocols. A fun test for CCVP is at:

[Take test]

and specific tests for each of the key areas are at:

[Sample CCVP Test 1: Fundamentals of Telephony Networks]
[Sample CCVP Test 2: Analogue and Digital Voice Communications]
[Sample CCVP Test 3: Voice Interface Configuration]
[Sample CCVP Test 4: Voice Dial Peer Configuration]
[Sample CCVP Test 5: VoIP Fundamentals]
[Sample CCVP Test 6: VoIP Signalling and Call Control]
[Sample CCVP Test 7: Improving and Maintaining Voice Quality]


The new ONT exam contains many new concepts. There are sample tests at:

[Sample CCNP ONT test 1]
[Sample CCNP ONT test 2]
[Sample CCNP ONT test 3]
[Sample CCNP ONT test 4]
[Sample CCNP ONT test 5]

Cisco Academy Wireless

The Cisco Academy Wireless LANs module is an excellent introduction to wireless networks, including material Cisco Aironets. A sample test is at:

[Sample Wireless test 1]

Cisco Academy Network Security 1

The Cisco Academy Network Security 1 module contains material on PIX/ASA firewalls and covers other areas such as switch security. A sample test is at:

[Sample test for NS1]

Cisco Voice Gateways and Gatekeepers

The Networksims package includes Cisco Voice Gateways and Gateways configuration, which is part of CCVP. The simulator contains a number of challenges and a number of tests, such as:

[Sample test 1 - Introduction]
[Sample test 2 - MGCP]
[Sample test 3 - H.323]
[Sample test 4 - SIP]


The simulator contains a number of challenges and a number of tests, such as:

[Sample test 1 - Introduction]