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PIX/ASA Simulator Demo Page

The PIX/ASA simulator covers most of the main features of the PIX/ASA firewall, and the certifications, including CCSP and Cisco Academy Network Security 1/2, with over 150 PIX/ASA labs. One of our most asked questions is the version that is used, as Cisco have changed the PIX/ASA device in Version 7 to be more structured. In the simulator both Version 6.x and Version 7.x are supported. This is important as some of the certifications still structure themselves around Version 6.x, while others are starting to use Version 7.x. The following are some examples of PIX challenges:

[PIX Example- P1].
[Pix Example (V6)- P2]
[Pix Example (V7)- P3]
[Pix Example (V6)- P4]
[Pix Example (V7)- P5]
[Pix Example (V7)- P14]

Also, it contains MCQ tests:

[PIX Test 1 - Related to Network Security 1]
[Sample test 1 - Routing]
[Sample test 2 - DHCP, DDNS and WCCP]
[Sample test 3 - Multicast]
[Sample test 4 - IPv6]
[Sample test 5 - Local database and AAA]

and a sample lecture on PIX/ASA:

Introduction to PIX/ASA [Link].
Context-based ACLs [Link].
VPN [Link].
Starting with ASA [Link].

The following is a screen-shot of the PIX emulator:

CCSP CSVPN Web Simulator. This simulator covers most of the features of the VPN Web Interface. [VPN Web Demo]

New PIX/ASA ASDM Windows configuration. A pre-release version of the ASDM simulator is at [Demo 1][Demo 2][Demo 3][Demo 4][Demo 5][Demo 6][Demo 7][Demo 8][Demo 9][Demo 10][Demo 11]. This is a unique feature that you will not find in any other simulator!