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(004) Dynamic, Web-based integration using templates


WWW page design, HTML, Dreamweaver/ FrontPage, ASP/PHP, JavaScript.


To produce an environment which allows content to be easily published to standard WWW templates.


To produce an educational site with content which can be quickly published without the requirements for HTML design.


Thomas Fauq (00202434)


Project review [Feb 2002]
WWW site [Feb 2002]
Final report [May 2002]
Source code [May 2002]


From the early beginning of the World Wide Web known today, there have always been trends toward giving more and more functionalities and services to people who are browsing on this huge network.

This project is about giving the opportunity to newcomers and novices to build a web site online very quickly and easily without any particular knowledge in this domain.
Obviously, there are no intention of replacing commercial fully-featured and state of the art software package on the market, but more to focus on novices and newcomers and give them the opportunity to build their own website by the only way thy know or have access to: the Web.

The development of was done using server-side scripting language PHP associated with a database management system called MySQL. Usability studies gave a constant understanding of the problem that had to be considered.

A web site was achieved and it gives the opportunity to users to register and then create their website in around ten minutes. It is then possible to come back and log again at any time to edit the pages contents. Furthermore, site created will be hosted automatically by easywebcreation.

Initial project aims

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At present it is difficult for most people to quickly add content to a WWW page, as it normally requires the knowledge of packages such as FrontPage, Dreamweaver, and even Microsoft Word. Thus the future is towards systems which allow content to be easily posted to WWW sites without requiring a great deal of IT skills. This is especially important for individuals who are lacking in these skills. A good example is to allow children a way to use standard templates to produce a WWW page, in the same way that they would produce a magazine.


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