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In 1984, Michael Dell started Dell Computer in his college dorm room. Within five years, Dell Computers had revenues of over one quarter of a billion dollars.
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Rambling on Network Types

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Well, I hope you enjoyed our little delve in the practical world of networking. I apologize for confusing you a little, saying that an Ethernet  hub  is a physical star topology , but a logical bus. This, though, is an important concept as hubs  provide for a central point of failure (as star network s do).

      Twisted-pair  cables have been a godsend for networks. They allow easy connect and deletion to/from a network. Their self-screen allows for reduced coupling with other nearby systems. This can be a serious problem in noisy environments, and may cause errors in the received bit pattern.

      In this chapter we were introduced to some of the main characters  in the Networking Hall of Fame. These are have made their way there because of their sheer usefulness. So here they are:

    1.      TCP /IP  

   2.      Ethernet  

   3.      Electronic mail

   4.      Routers

   5.      Twisted-pair  cable  (and RJ-45  connectors )

   6.      Servers (especially WWW  servers )

   7.      Fiber-optic cables

   8.      UNIX  operating system  (and its related networking protocols, such as NFS , TELNET , FTP , and so on).

   9.      Domain names

10.       Hubs /switches/MAUs


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