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In 1984, Michael Dell started Dell Computer in his college dorm room. Within five years, Dell Computers had revenues of over one quarter of a billion dollars.
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Which two people have done more for world unity than anyone else? Well, Prof. TCP  and Dr. IP  must be somewhere in the Top 10. They have done more to unify the world than all the diplomats in the world have. They do not respect national borders, time zones, cultures, industrial conglomerates or anything like that. They allow the sharing of information  around the world, and are totally open for anyone to use. Top marks to Prof. TCP and Dr. IP, the true champions of freedom and democracy.

      Many of the great inventions/developments of our time were things that were not really predicted, such as CD -R OMs , RADAR , silicon  transistors, fiber-optic  cables, and, of course, the Internet . The Internet itself is basically an infrastructure of interconnected networks  which run a common protocol. The nightmare of interfacing the many computer systems around the world was solved because of two simple protocols: TCP  and IP . Without them the Internet would not have evolved so quickly and possibly would not have occurred at all. TCP and IP are excellent protocols as they are simple and can be run over any type of network, on any type of computer system.

      The Internet  is often confused with the World Wide Web  (WWW ), but the WWW is only one application of the Internet. Others include electronic mail  (the No.1 application), file transfer, remote login  and so on.

      The amount of information  transmitted over networks increases by a large factor every year. This is due to local area networks, wide area networks and of course, traffic  over the Internet . It is currently estimated that traffic on the Internet doubles every 100 days and that three people join the Internet every second. This means an eightfold increase in traffic over a whole year. It is hard to imagine such growth in any other technological area. Imagine if cars were eight times faster each year, or could carry eight times the number of passengers each year (and of course roads and driveways would have to be eight times larger each year).

W. Buchanan, 2000