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PhD Studentship in Collaboration with the FSA
Contact: Prof Bill Buchanan
A fully funded three-year PhD studentship is available between the School of Computing and the Financial Services Authority (FSA). The main focus of the work is in the investigation of novel methods which reduce the risks related to e-Crime.

At present e-Crime is an increasing worry to both consumers and organisations. This three-year PhD studentship will be based in the Centre for Distributed Computing and Security and builds on current work on security and digital forensic systems in the School of Computing. It is co-funded and co-supervised by the Financial Services Authority (FSA - http://www.fsa.gov.uk/) and aims to investigate enhanced methods for assessing the risks involved in e-Commerce, especially in analysing new methods, and in generating detection signatures.

There will also be access to leading e-Crime investigators from the FSA in London, while being based in the School of Computing at Napier University. Overall this is a unique opportunity to undertake state-of-the-art research, while having access to leading industry investigators.... more information »

New External Group Page
The research group has a new external Web site which show cases some of the work we are involved in ... more information »

Award winning
Contact: Prof Bill Buchanan
The Centre for Mobile Computing and Security at Napier University is a large and growing research centre with six RAE-focused academics and many researchers. This group focuses on enhanced security and forensic computing systems, ad-hoc routing over wireless networks, intelligent intrusion detection systems, the usage of mobile agents, location-tracking of mobile devices, and on network emulation. At the core of its work is the successful transfer of knowledge between the research group and professionals, along with its excellent reputation for: its depth of skills; its links with industry and in enterprise; and, in its record on dissemination. It has extensive links with industry, and has developed a novel system for an agent-based system for ad-hoc routing over wireless networks, and innovative methods for device tracking and in content generation.... more information »

Apply for a PhD
Contact: Prof Bill Buchanan
Distributed Systems and security are two of the most interesting areas in Computing. If you want to apply for a PhD within the research group, please complete the following form... more information »

Part of Scottish Institute for Policing Research
Contact: Prof Bill Buchanan
Napier University is part of the SIPR, which aims to focus research in areas of policing.... more information »

The Centre specialise in a number of areas, including:

  • Network emulators. This relates to the emulation in software of complex networked devices, such as routers, switches, wireless access points and firewalls. The developed software is used by many users and certification companies around the World.

  • Security. This encapsulates most areas of computer security, especially related to intrusion detection, and in the creation of security frameworks.

  • Forensic Computing. This relates to the creation of a verifiable framework for forensic tools, and also relates to the usage of software agents in forensic computing investigations.

  • Software reuse and component design. This relates to creating software system which contain reusable content. A focus of the research has been on resusing software components for distributed systems and in learning environments.

  • Ad-hoc Networks. This relates to new types of network infrastructures which use mobile devices to route data between nodes.

  • Mobile Agents. This relates to a new concept in computing, where software agents can migrate themselves between hosts.

  • Network protocols. This relates to the enhancement of network protocols.

  • Location-based systems/tracking. This relates to the tracking of mobile devices, especially in the GSM and 3G networks.

The group has won several awards for excellence including: