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Prof W.Buchanan
William J Buchanan is a Professor in the School of Computing (SoC) at Napier University, Edinburgh. He has one of the most extensive academic Web sites and has developed software which is used by many universities and organisations around the World. Overall he has published over 25 academic text books (many of which have been translated into languages such as in Chinese, Polish and Japanese) and over 70 research papers. These include definitive guides on software development, data communications, networking and the Internet. He has an international reputation on mobile communications, security and networking, and has a forthcoming textbook on security and network forensics. Along with this he has developed an extensive range of network emulation software [link], covering advanced studies in networking and security, which is used by many universities around the World, and also with the US Military. This includes software which now runs to over one million lines of C# code (all of which were self-written), and runs on the state-of-the-art Microsoft .NET framework. Along with his he has full certification for Microsoft and Cisco Systems. Along with this he has extensive experience of Flash, XML, PHP, ASP.NET, and most Web-based technologies, including extensive database/XML integration.

Over the past few years Prof Buchanan has won several awards for excellence, and was also an award winner at the KTP (Knowledge Transfer Programme) Awards 2003 [link] and in 2004 [link]. Previous EPSRC-related work applied experts systems to industrial systems, and extensive activities in knowledge transfer from universities to industry. The EPSRC-related work saved over £1million in savings for the industrial partner, and also drastically reduced CO2 emissions. Overall his work has been extensively done in collaboration with industry, and he is part of the Research Network for Applied Policing Research, which is an SFC/Police-funded initiative and runs from 2006 to 2011 (total proposed expenditure: £8million). home page  »

Dr Jose Munoz home page  »
Areas of interest:
Intrusion Detection Systems.
Anomaly-based Intrusion Detection in TCP and IP packets.
Host-based wrapper for enhanced security over IPSec.
Integrated Security Frameworks.
Requirements Analysis for Distributed Projects.

Dr Imed Romdhani home page  »
Areas of interest:
Mobile Networks (Mobile IP and moving networks (NEMO)
IP Multicast and broadcast (Multicast and collaborative applications).
Mobile IP,
Mesh Networks,
IP Security.

Dr Ahmed Al-Dubai home page  »
Areas of interest:
Group Communications. This includes the broadcast and multicast communication/ applications
Routing algorithms.
Mesh Networks.

Dr John Old home page  »
Areas of interest:
Forensic Computing.
Formal methods in Forensic Computing.

Dr Gordon Russell home page  »
Areas of interest:
Intrusion Detection Systems.
Firewall design.
Enhanced Emulation.
Virus/Malware Protection.