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There are several on-going projects related to security in the Centre. These include:

Intrusion Detection over Encryted Tunnels

Researchers: A.Abimbola, J.Munoz and W.Buchanan

Encrypted tunnels, such as with IPSec, suffer from many problems, especially as intermedidate devices such as firewalls and IDS's cannot check for maliousness in the packets. Thus this research investigates methods of interrupting the data packets before the are presented back to the application.

Recent papers include:

Abimbola, A., Munoz, J. and Buchanan, W. (2006). Enhancing Intrusion Detection via a Active Target Host. In , IEEE ICTe Africa 2006 . Kenya: IEEE.

A.Abimbola, J.M.Munoz and W.J.Buchanan, NetHost-Sensor: Enhancing Intrusion Detection via an Active Target Host, IEEE ICTe Africa International Conference, 2006.

A.Abimbola, J.M.Munoz and W.J.Buchanan, Investigating False Positives Reduction in HTTP via Procedure Analysis, in the proceeding of IEEE International Conference of Networking and Services, 2006.

A.Abimbola, J.M. Munoz and W.J. Buchanan, NetHost-Sensor: Investigating the capture of end-to-end encrypted intrusive data, Computers & Security, Volume 25, Issue 6, September 2006 , Pages 445-451

A.Abimbola, JM.Munoz and WJ.Buchanan, NetHost-Sensor: Monitoring a Target Host's Application via System Calls, in the Journal Information Security Technical Report, Elsevier, 2006.

Dynamic Performance Analysis of Security Devices

Researchers: L.Saliou, W.Buchanan and J.Munoz

Security often has an impact on the performance and QoS (Quality of Service). This research has created novel models for intermediate security devices such as firewalls. A key factor is the affect of firewalls rules on devices. It uses an evaluation test bed to determine the performance of the firewall, especially in its performance related to network throughput and the number and range of firewall rules that are applied:

The modelling system fits into the novel framework which the Centre have developed:

Recent publications include:

L. Saliou, W.J. Buchanan, J. Graves, and J. Munoz, ”Scenario Analysis using Out-of-line Firewall
Evaluation Framework”, upcoming 6th European Conference on Information Warfare and Security, Shrivenham, UK, June 2007 (accepted, to be published).

Saliou L, Buchanan W and Graves J, Analysis of Firewall Performance Variation to identify the Limits of Automated Network Reconfiguration, 5th European Conference on Information Warfare and Security (ECIW) Conference, 2006.

Saliou L, Buchanan W and Graves J, Framework for Security, 4th European Conference on Information Warfare and Security (EICW) Conference, 2005.