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Group Work/Mesh Networks

Researchers: A.Dudbai, N.Migas and W.Buchanan

Group communication in large-scale networks can create bottlenecks for scalable parallel and distributed implementations of computationally intensive applications. A class of crucially important communication patterns that has already received considerable attention in this regard are collective communication operations, since these inevitably place a high demand on network bandwidth and have a consequent impact on algorithm execution times. Multicast and broadcast are the most primitive collective capabilities of any message-passing network. They are themselves central to many important distributed applications in Science and Engineering and are also fundamental to the implementation of higher-level communication operations such as gossip, gather, and barrier synchronisation. A new ongoing project, therefore, will be on the design of efficient multicast/broadcast algorithms for large-scale networks. Recent papers include:

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Buchanan WJ, Migas N, Sinclair G and McArtney, Analysis of an Agent-based Metric-Driven for Ah-hoc, On-Demand Routing, Journal of Ad-hoc Networks, Ad Hoc Networks, Volume 4, Issue 2, 1 March 2006, Pages 147-167. List in the Top 25 articles for this Journal.

Migas N and Buchanan W, An auto-configurable, and, adaptable, metric-driven cluster-head organisation for hybrid multi-hop routing, IEEE Conference on Electronic Computer Based Systems, Potsdam, Germany, 2006.,