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Forensic Computing

The Centre has several on-going projects related to digital forensics.

Agent-based Forensics Framework

This project investigates a novel integrated security and forensics model using a novel framework, which involves the formal definition of a security/forensics/data gathering policy. This allows the policy to be modelled and applied to a network to confirm its validity. In addition, a system is being developed which will take this policy and convert it into a security/formal forensics modelling language. This policy will form the basis of the actual semantics, which will be transformed from the modelling language to a live implementation via agents by a compiler. This will be further verified by verification agents which will generate test traffic in order to determine successful deployment. This system can be supported by the use of data gathering agents, which will provide information that will be fed back into the formal forensics policy to further strengthen it. From a corporate point of view, this provides an excellent, transparent method of determining legal use policies which can be easily translated for general consideration by all users. A key paper is:

  • Saliou L, Buchanan W and Graves J, Framework for Security, 4th European Conference on Information Warfare and Security (EICW) Conference, 2005. This paper presents a new security framework which defines security from the highest level to the implementation, and then onto formal verification.

and a recent presentation is: