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The Centre for Distributed Computing and Security research group has extensive experience in the development of network emulators. These include emulation models of routers, switches, PIX firewalls, Cisco Aironet devices, and have been developed in both .NET and Macromedia Flash. The software can be downloaded as a demo from:

[MSI installation][Demo Page][Bill's Emulators Page]

The PIX emulator is one of the most advanced in the World [PIX Demo] and one of the most comprehensive CCNP 1 simulators [View CCNP 1 Example], CCNP 2 simulators and CCNP 3 simulators. The new router simulator is:

The new switch simulator is:

The new wireless simulator is:

The new PIX simulator is:

The new CCNP exam (ISCW):

A screen shot of the .NET emulator is:

and showing one of the challenges:

The emulators were developed using Visual Studio 2003 and C#. There are several projects relating to this research area, including:

  • Simulation and generation of real-time debug information for networked devices. This will include simulating some of the debug commands related to networked devices, including debugging NAT, routing protocols, and fault finding.
  • Creation of virtual real-time training environments. This will include setting up models of real-time training, including setting up multiple training stations over a network, in which real time network attacks and faults will be modelled.
  • Automated command generation, and capture for networked devices. This will include the automated generation of Cisco networking commands for devices, and to capture the response, so that it can be integrated in the emulators.

If you are interested, please contact Bill [w.buchanan@napier.ac.uk] or complete this form [Here...]