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What do I have to do to just pass the subject?
The word just is the main word in this sentence. Someone at University shouldn't really be aiming to just pass a subject, they should be trying to learn as much as possible.


I can't use e-mail or the WWW.
I have tried to setup the distribution of material over the WWW and by e-mail, as it is much faster and less time consuming than other methods.


I haven't been to any of your tutorials, lectures or practical, and the exam's next week. Can you help me?
Ahhh. You can set mechanisms up so that the students follow an orderly flow through a module, which is carefully design, but there's not much you can do about this one. The next question you must ask yourself is: 'Do you help or do you just say I can't help you, it's your own fault'.


I had just completed my coursework, and saved it to the disk. Now I can't get it back.
This is a sad one, and normally involves a quick descision as to whether the student continues to try and recover the data from the disk (which can be very difficult), or just try and re-write it. If possible always try and have two or more backups on different types of storage media.


I don't really see the point of this subject.
Luckily I haven't faced this one for a while, as the Internet and networking has an impact on virtually ever job, and it is important to have an understanding of it, in order to make proper descisions.


When you say that x equals one, what does that mean?
This is a major problem which you're trying to teach a subject with some mathematics it it.


I don't understand what 10111 is?
It is very difficult to avoid binary in computing, so a student that doesn't understand the operation of binary is really going to struggle in lots of areas.


I can't use computers.
This one is reducing as more students have been trained in using computers, but certainly a few years ago there were still many students who couldn't use a computer..


I've done all this before.
This is a difficult one, as it can either mean that they have done the exactly the same material before, or that they've hacked around with the subject.


I've been using this for years, can I get an exception for it?
This is sort of related to No.9 and normally involves a student who has no formal study or the subject, and they just basically hacked about with this. Often I find that the one that ask this one actually do not do very well in the exam. I wonder why?