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WWW pages of the past ... 1999 to 2003

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I've had a Web site for nine years now, and it's changed quite a bit.

1999... the beginnings

My earliest screen shots were from March 1999:

and then in Oct 1999 it improved a little:

2000 ... menu links as graphics ...

As text was difficult to display in those days, by 2000, the text menu items were defined in graphical form:

2001 ... the start of the banner ..

By the start of 2001, the pages got a proper banner:

Things went back to text with:


Click on this graphic to expand it Click on this graphic to expand it

and things were starting to look a bit more colourful at the end of 2001:

It does no good to just change the home page, so I've updated the other pages, such as, for the the CNDS page:

and for Code Snippets (which has never really been a very well designed page):

and for NOS:

Over the past few weeks I've been updating some of the other main pages. For my essay page:

and the Cisco page:

2002 ... more colour ...

Blue seemed to be the in-colour at the time:

... but unfortunately some pages were a little too colourful:


but things were starting to look a bit less cluttered with:

but a few pages went wrong, such as:

which is a little too blue, so it was quickly changed to:

and a little more class with:

and classer, and more integrated with:

2003 ... a little more integrated ... and less clutered...




and for my home page:

and with Java integration:

and for the first time we see the layout of the current Design Tips page:

which was the inspiration for the new home page:

and for a new CNDS page layout:

2004 ... pages that started to look right

But the Home Page was a little too red, so white was then used:

and my home page has not changed too much since then.

... more to follow ... when I find some time ...