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WWW pages

Producing sharp graphics using PowerPoint and Fireworks
I design many of my graphics using Microsoft PowerPoint. It is one of the easiest packages to use, and has lots of good clipart. Unfortunately it does not produce good quality graphics. For example here's an example of a file I produced for the Handbook of the Internet book (note that it is not complete):
This file can be easily imported into Fireworks (or Photoshop), and gives a much sharper looking graphic, such as:
Thus a good method of producing graphics is to use PowerPoint to import, and draw graphics, and then export them into Fireworks (using cut-and-paste, or exporting to PNG format).














WWW pages of the past

Dec 2001

In the previous WWW page of the past I presented the new design. The main reason that I changed it is that I've been using it with students over the past few weeks, and I can really see the weaknesses of the old design. These include:

Difficult to print the page to a printer, as it was based on an 800 pixel design. Thus I've moved the menu system to the right-hand side, so if it is printed and does not fit, only the menu will be missed off.

Poor display in NetScape. I found out that the menu system that I had developed does not show properly in NetScape. Also the format did not show the page as I had thought that it would.

Use of colours is inconsistant.

Lack of integration between component parts of the WWW page.

Over the past few weeks I've been updating some of the other main pages. For my essay page:

and the Cisco page:

As you can see I've designed a new banner for the Cisco page. For this I've used an orange and blue colour scheme, which fits well with the rest of the page:

I think the graphic looks much better than the previous text-based banner. A few of the other graphics have been replaced as they were looking a little tired. These include:

and have been replaced with fresher graphics of:

and some small graphics of:


Compare old with new: